Hi, I’m Jude. In 2005 I qualified from UCL as a Speech and Language Therapist.  Passionate about working with adults with acquired neurological disorders I threw myself into my career.  A decade later, life has changed so much from my early years of work.  I have had 5 SLT jobs over 10 years, moving between the  NHS and the private sector several times. I’ve worked in NHS and private hospitals, in both acute and rehabilitation.  I’ve led the  SLT service in  both a private and an NHS Neuro rehab unit. I’ve worked in the community. All this with the background of  major changes happening in the NHS.

I also entered the to crazy world of motherhood and have 2 delightful but time consuming and challenging young daughters. I have an amazing husband who happens to work in a job that takes him away from home a lot, so life can be overwhelming at times.

Currently I’m a self employed therapist, working in the community with adults with acquired neurological communication and swallowing difficulties.  I have not lost my passion for the job, but I have had to learn how to integrate a career as a speech therapist into everyday life.  Entering into the second decade of my career, I wanted to set myself some new challenges.  I enjoy the teaching/mentoring  aspect of the job, but I am essentially a very normal therapist delivering therapy to clients and families trying to live normal lives again.  I am not involved in the latest research- there are many amazing therapists out there pushing us forward and growing the evidence base. However, the majority of Speech Therapists are doing what I do- trying to integrate the evidence into our everyday practice – where none of our clients fit into neat boxes but come with their own unique life that requires us to take into thoughtful account as we rehabilitate their speech, language and swallowing. I wanted to blog about the highs and lows of being a speech therapist, the things I’m learning every day which make a difference to our lives as therapists and to our patients, and how I try to integrate being a Speech Therapist into my very full life.


This blog is designed for Speech Therapists, Speech Therapy students and healthcare professionals. It is not intended to guide people searching for information for their own communication/swallowing disorders or those of a family member.  Please rest assured there is plenty of great information out there! Please try http://www.rscslt.org or http://www.helpwithtalking.com as your starting point.

Any clients featured on here, will have of course, given their permission for this to happen.

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