Week in review 

I haven’t done a week in review post for a while. 


  • Client with severe prosody changes asking me if I want a cup of tea with a normal voice
  • Driving in -5c through Oxfordshire countryside to see a client and the icy branches looked like Narnia
  • An MDT meeting where all professionals were on the same page & being re-energised with a very challenging case
  • Eating breakfast and lunch every day, even though most were eaten in the car
  • Low level client smiling at one of my terrible sketches


  • Staying up until midnight to finish a report on Monday night- not a good way to start the week & I should know better by now!
  • Lots of little traffic queues adding up to a big accumulation of lateness and added stress by the end of each day
  • Drowning in emails and not through them yet!

What have been your highs and lows this week? 

2 thoughts on “Week in review 

  1. High : watching two elementary school kids in my therapy group who are totally crushing on each other.
    Low : Dealing with a psych who thinks that a kid who’s clearly language disordered “is just not very good at school” 0.o


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