Christmas Wish List for a Neuro Speech and Language Therapist / Pathologist

 I’ve been seeing lots of Christmas gift guides / wish lists on the lifestyle blogs I follow, and I thought it would be fun to dream up the perfect stocking for a Neuro SLT!

  1.  Pilot Frixion Erasable Black Pen currently £5.48 – I love the fact this is erasable.  I know that it should not be used for clinical notes, but for all of my crazy scribbles and planning, it would be great to have an erasable pen!
  2. Library scented candle £28.00. I work from home and often write reports with scented candles.  This candle sounds perfect for creating the type of studious ambience needed for serious thought!
  3. i-Tunes gift card  – I’m always buying myself new apps (largely from Tactus, Aptus and Therapy Box, so vouchers for the app store would be perfect!
  4. Powersheets $50 As I mentioned I work from privately and from home and although I have access to good peer supervision, it can be hard to get motivated on my own goals for development over a year.  I imported these from America last year and they are brilliant! They helped me focus my personal and career goals and break them down into manageable steps.   They look good too, and I really enjoyed filling them in each month.  I think I need to invest again for next year.
  5. CELF-5  £450 (INC vat) I’ve been so excited that this assessment is now standardised to 21 years and 11 months.  It will perfectly capture a lot of my client group who are young adult brain injury and need a really through assessment with an age equivalent score.
  6. Grey’s Anatomy box set £69.99 My favourite series by far! Love the one brief appearance and few brief references to speech and language pathologists – wish there were more!
  7. Water infusion bottle My friend and voice specialist Tor reminds us of how well we need to look after our voices for the job we do I do not drink enough water, but have been trying harder. I’ve got this bottle, and stuffed with lemon slices and mint leaves I’ve been drinking a lot more water and feeling a lot better for it!
  8. Engraved Littman stethoscope £58.73 (inc VAT), £4.74 for engraving up to 15 letters / symbols.  This is my stethoscope of choice for swallowing assessments and I love the fact it can be personalised with an engraving!

This is obviously a bit tongue in cheek – I’m going to be quite happy with chocolate and nice bubble bath! But what would be on your dream SLT themed Christmas wish list?

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