App review – Predicatable from Therapy Box

I first came across Predictable a few years ago. A client’s mother reported that he had it on his iPad but didn’t find it useful. It was briefly shown to me and without me being able to play around with it, it looked complex and I’m ashamed to say I dismissed it since then. Especially given its one of the more expensive speech therapy apps (119.99 pounds from the apple store, 130.80 pounds on android, with mouse emulator access) I felt it was not worth the purchase.

Recently I’ve had quite a few cases with aphasia/apraxia. Their skill set is such that they could manage a simple high tech AAC aid- they have some spoken expression, can write a few letters of a word, recognise symbols/pictures & their comprehension is ok at a single word level. I needed something that bridges the gap between something like alpha topics (which is an brilliant & innovative way to replicate what we’ve encouraged for years with pen & paper) and Proloque2Go (fully symbol based communication grid). Therapy box were looking for therapists to try out Predictable over the summer & I was very happy to look at it properly this time and see if I could make it work for some of my clients.

And it’s brilliant! It is so easy to use. I find my six year old the perfect tester of apps for my clients. She can recognise symbols, have a good stab at spelling and is developing her vocabulary. (As an aside, at university I just lived for the acquired disorders lectures and disliked child language acquisition. Now I find it so fascinating to see how my daughters lay down their language skills and I find it’s helped me approach aphasia in a more enlightened way). So, here she is showing you around the app (all self taught):

As you can see, you can flip easily between symbol based communication or typing on a keyboard with predictive text. The symbol based communication is fully editable for your client. You can add your own phrases and organise the symbol home page in the best way for your client.  It’s extremely easy to edit.  I found it was perfect for the aphasia/apraxia clients I had in mind.  They took to the format really well with little teaching required, and two are now in the process of purchasing iPads with the plan to download the app to use themselves.  I feel very relieved to have had the chance to explore this app properly and realised what a genius and user friendly tool it is. I feel it justifies the price tag.

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