App review- Verb Trainer by Aptus Therapy

One of my ‘go-to’ therapy techniques is sentence therapy. I like to use pictures that illustrate a Subject, Verb and Object sentence and ‘build’ the sentence with visuals and words and then practice saying it.

I find it helps fluent aphasia because it focuses on key words and gives clients a meaningful framework. It helps non-fluent aphasia because it puts some simple grammar into a sentence. It helps aphasic-apraxia mixed because it’s a mixture of word finding and a predictable framework.

As iPad apps are being developed I’m eagerly looking for one that will do this in a more high tech way:

Although Lorraine’s app doesn’t do quite the above, I was excited to trial this new app from Aptus Therapy. I’ve been using it pretty much in most sessions with clients since I downloaded it a few weeks ago. I love versatile apps and this is one of them. To my joy it’s a collection of high quality SVO pictures as well as being a app specific to training verbs. I think some of my clients are a little fed up of my low-tech sentence therapy pack! When my clients are ready to move on from a very supported sentence expression approach these pictures are perfect to use as a stimuli.

You can use the app in two different modes – training or test. The training mode allows an errorless learning approach – it repeats the verb three times for the client to repeat (and can also be backed up with a written cue). This mode is perfect for practice between therapy sessions.  Test mode shows you the pictures without the spoken or written verb cue.

 The apps costs £4.49 (download here) and is a happy member of my app toolbox now.

Prior to Verb Trainer I used two other Aptus therapy apps. Conversation Paceboard and Speech Pacesetter.  Recently I’ve been using them a lot with a client with PD and remembered how fantastic they are- look out for a blog post coming soon on these apps!

Disclaimer: Lorraine from Aptus Therapy gifted me the Verb Trainer app in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. The Conversation Paceboard and Speech Pacesetter apps are apps I purchased myself a while ago and have been using for a long time. 

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