5 things to do if you forget your bag!


I read this really interesting blog post the other day about a paediatric speech therapist making a decision to ‘go bag less’ and seeing really positive results. 

It reminded me of a day last year, when admist a busy morning rush I managed to remember school book bags, PE kits, packed lunches, school assembly costume etc etc but forgot my own stuff. 

I was 50 miles from home at my first patients house when I first noticed. I searched the car in vain, and went a bit clammy! I had 5 clients to see that day, including one new assessment. I didn’t have any resources at all, not even pen or paper. 

I did survive the day, and it was a good lesson that I could rely on myself and  what was around me to provide quality speech therapy. 

  1. Beg, borrow or steal pen & paper as soon as you can! My first client was a really lovely lady (an ex occupational therapist) who I was able to come clean to! She lent me a pen and a wodge of plain paper that lasted the day!   
  2. Use the environment around you. Working on naming? Name things in the room. Want to drill down to sub categories- name things in a kitchen drawer, name plants in the garden, name things in the bathroom.   
  3. Look for magazines/newspapers/books/leaflets that you can use for reading comprehension or picture description work.   
  4. Working on comprehension? Give instructions- name things in the room, body parts, ask the client to draw something that you describe…
  5. When I came to the assessment client I was amazed how much I remembered off the top of my head! The client had higher level language difficulties and I was able to do the spoken comprehension and expression parts of the Mount Wilga from memory. Add in all the extra bits- case history, oro-motor exam etc and I covered the first assessment session with ease!

Safe to say, I’ve not forgotten my bag since then, but if it happened again I know the day is not lost! 

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