Useful non speech therapy specific apps – 1. Instacollage 


Recently my laptop has been broken and I’ve been coping without Microsoft word. I was trying to make a table of before and after photos for my Trophic Electrical Stimulation results and I just could not open or embed my photos into a google docs table for some reason. I suddenly remembered that I had used Instacollage to help me in the past and infact, it’s much easier than trying to make a photo table of results in Word as you can easily manipulate the pictures, add text and the end result looks good. It’s a free app, and you can choose a format that works for you- ie displaying different amount of photos in different shapes. You can change the size, colour and font of the text and add frames. I tend to go for clean lines and text to look professional. 

Once you’ve created your collage, you can save to your camera roll and then email, print, add to documents as required. 

The most recent small project I used Instacollage for was to create a photo reminder for a client I’m working with about his flat facial expression. We are working on exaggerating a smile when he speaks to help animate his face again. I could not share his photos with you, but I mocked up a similar concept using my cheesy smile as seen above! 

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