Trophic Electrical Stimulation- results! 


My latest TES client was happy for me to share photos of his results. 

Now, he’s a typical client in that the full on 45 mins to an hour a day that is recommended for a 3 month period was just not doable for his lifestyle. However, we’ve had great results with 4 times a week for 45 mins for 8 weeks. He’s happy with the result (both in looks and he is having significantly less anterior saliva loss) and even happier to send the machine back! 

His stroke was late last year. I know some people might argue this result was achieved by spontaneous recovery but I have seen enough TES use vs no TES use to be very convinced it works. The most stand out case was a lady I treated two years post stroke who had a dense left sided upper motor neurone facial palsy. We achieved similar results to the gentleman pictured above with use of TES. 

For more information, it’s all on the Linden’s Clinic website. 

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