App review- Conversation Cards £1.49 Apple only 

This is the first in a series of all the apps that I use as part of my working life as an SLT. This app is one of many I use which are not designed for SLTs, but have been super useful! I love this one- at only £1.49 it’s been a useful tool when my creativity is low.

Conversation cards is a  very simple app- once you press ‘start’ a card shows up with a question. You touch the screen to move onto a new question.  There’s over a 100 questions and it has definitely updated with new questions since I’ve started using it. It is designed as a dinner party conversation starter. Here are 3 example questions:


I usually use these cards for verbal conversation level work for people with aphasia, but I have also used it as a  reading and writing task.  It is also a useful app to use for someone with cognitive communication problems e.g. for topic maintenance / sequencing narrative / key word production.  If a question is too complex for my client, I flip through until I find one I know they will grasp. Some of the questions are pretty deep, so I make a judgement as to whether my client can cope with them.

The great thing about get cards is they ask questions I would never think to ask, and because of the ‘game’ nature to using them, my clients love answering them (they might look quite baffled if I asked the questions out of the blue without the app- or think I was being nosy). I have learnt some really interesting things about my clients and I always get them to ask me the same question back so it becomes a two way process.  Some of the questions are hard to answer even without communication difficulties, so it helps me reflect on higher level of the task we are working on.

The client does not need to be fully verbal to use the app-  it’s a great test of total communication skills when they need to augment their speech with writing/drawing/gesture etc.  I also use the app in sessions with the client’s conversation partner- it’s a light-hearted way of helping improve the communication between them.

This was one of my first app purchases for Speech Therapy- and I’m glad I got it! This app is only available through Apple, however there are some similar priced conversation starter apps on android that would be worth looking at if you have an android tablet.

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