‘Instagram’ for health care professionals

 My husband recently told me about the free Figure 1 app which is a photo sharing site for health care professionals.

It is the kind of app that drags you in for hours – it’s so interesting (but if pictures of injuries/blood/surgeries etc are difficult to stomach, perhaps don’t download this app!*)

Anyone who uploads pictures has to be verified by the Figure 1 team, have obtained patient consent, and not identify the patient.  Pictures are verified before they are made public.  I was able to sign up to view as a Speech and Language Therapist (Pathologist), but would not be able to upload my own pictures.

People upload their photos to educate, inform, ask for help – if you read the comments under each photo you can learn a lot!

You can look at the most recent pictures, or browse different parts of the anatomy – so of course, being a neuro specialist, heading straight to the brain section was a must!

 *Please also be aware there are some potentially upsetting cases/pictures which will just pop up in your feed

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