Speech Therapy Toolkit- 6. Pictures for picture description 


I always like to make sure I have some pictures with me that could be described in more than one sentence. I used to use a very old American set of which I cannot remember the origin of. Now I tend to use pictures I have taken and stored in a separate album on my iPad. The picture above is one that I took recently on a visit to a National Trust Property. This means they are modern, up to date and vibrant pictures and also means less to carry around as they are stored on my iPad. 

I use the Cookie Theft picture from the Boston Aphasia Diagnostic Examination (Goodglass and Kaplan):


or the picture description task from the Comprehensive Aphasia Test  (Swinburn, Porter, Howard) when I want a good baseline of someone’s connected speech. As they also include inferencing, there are very useful. 

I will then use my own pictures in therapy. I use them mainly in aphasia therapy when a client has been working on producing short sentences and is ready to move on to stringing 2-3 sentences together. However, I also use them for cognitive communication therapy. They can be used to help someone keep on topic, work on reducing verbosity, work on providing relevant information or practising sequencing of information.  

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