Speech Therapy Toolkit 4. Communication History Form

I always use communication history questionnaires with new clients as part of the assessment process.  I will discuss this in more detail in tomorrow’s post.  I used to use whatever form was being used in the department I was working in at the time.  Then, when I was creating an SLT service at a new NHS rehab unit, I decided to design my own.

Recently, I’ve updated* it using Google Forms.  This means the often frustrating process of trying to make a form look professional with everything lining up is taken out of my hands.   I can easily edit it if I want, to add new questions or change a question.  I can send a link to an online version of the form (embedded in this post) or I can print it out for someone to hand write the answers.

If someone fills out the online version, the answers go to an  spreadsheet that is linked to the form, and I am informed via email and can check out the answers.  This is great if you have created a form to canvass lots of people’s opinions- not only can you view a spreadsheet of everyone’s answers, but you can also run analytics and see your results visually (i.e. a pie chart of how many respondents answered yes or no to a particular question for example).  It is not so great for a communication history questionnaire where most of the questions required at least a few sentences of answers.  There is currently no way of of seeing the answers in the same format of the form.  So a cut and paste job from the spreadsheet will be needed to get the answers into a more usable format.

I’ve popped my questionnaire into a Google drive folder here for you, if you would like to see how it works, or use it as a basis for your communication history questionnaire.  If you open up the communication history questionnaire in the folder you can select ‘file’ and then ‘print’ from the dropdown version to print off a copy.  You can also view the online version I’ve embedded in this post by clicking on ‘view live form’.  When you want someone to fill in the online version of the form, you cut and paste the link from the browser once you’ve clicked on ‘view live form’.  The other document in the folder is the spreadsheet that results will be collated to, and you can run the analytics from here.  If you want to create your own questionnaire using mine as your basis, feel free.  However do not give anyone the link to my folder as their answers will then be available for anyone to see who accesses the folder.  Go to ‘file’ and select ‘make a copy’.  You will need to have your own google account (which is free and easy if you don’t have one already – and I find the drive very useful as I can access my files from any device).  Then save the form to your own drive and edit/use as you like!

*the updates I’ve added are a question about types of digital technology a person is used to using, and a couple of questions exploring the types of conversations the person enjoyed having.

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