Speech Therapy Toolkit – 3. Notebooks


Just a selection of the notebooks I use above!  As much as I use my iPad for most things nowadays, I just can’t use it for to-do lists.  I like to handwrite my lists and I love crossing things off as they are completed.  I also need pen and paper to plan things – I have quite a visual brain I think, and like the fluidity of a blank sheet of paper.

I always keep pen and paper handy in speech therapy sessions, especially if I am trying out a new therapy approach with a client and haven’t developed more formal materials yet.  I am doing a lot of phonological therapy with one client, and I’m yet to find a good app that works on input of phonology (that is not for children). We are working on identifying the initial phomeme, rhyming pairs, number of syllables etc and below is an extract from one of our sessions:


The promise of a brand new notebook always feels like such a treat! I’ve usually finished one up in a few months and by the time its travelled everywhere with me, had pages torn out and been scribbled all over I am glad to move onto the next one!

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