Week in Review 


This corner of my front room is where I have been spending a lot of time this week (and it does not look as tidy as it does in this picture).  This week has been a lot about admin  – reports, programme writing, letters, emails – I’ve had some late nights but am a little more caught up than I was at the beginning of the week.  


Some of the highlights of this week have been:

  • starting a client off with Trophic Electrical Stimulation (www.dianafarragher.co.uk if you want to find out more).  I know this treatment is hottly debated in Speech Therapy circles, but all I can say is that I’ve had really good success with it.  The stand out case for me was a lady I treated in April last year.  She was two years post stroke with a dense upper motor neuron facial palsy, having had no treatment at all.  We commenced daily TES and the difference over 2 months of treatment was incredible.  Not back to 100% movement, but her face was significantly more symmetrical at rest and she could achieve a smile for the first time.  It always strange wiring someone up to electrodes and sending an electrical pulse through them, but I’ve done it many times now and it does not seem a scary treatment anymore! 
  • One of my fairly non-verbal clients (due to cognitive difficulties) saying ‘and you have a nice day too’ when I said goodbye to him after a session.
  • Finishing writing a new communication history questionnaire to use with new clients – I developed one a few years ago, but felt it needed updating – I will be sharing it in a blog post later next week….


  • Limited sleep due to late night admin and children waking up at unseemly hours! Running purely on caffeine!
  • Some really tough sessions with some of my clients – tough because they have significant difficulties and sometimes getting the balance right of providing therapy tasks they can have a feeling of success with vs the need to keep repeating tasks they currently find very tricky is so hard! However, I usually find that particularly difficult sessions usually means a breakthrough is not far off.  
  • Balancing the demands of a child at school and also working is difficult – keeping up with school requests feels like a full time job sometimes – cake sales, loose change day, listening to reading, supervising homework, learning lines for school assembly,  lost uniform – this week has been mad! Two weeks until the Easter break! 

Have a great weekend everyone.

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