Week in review 

Here are some of my highs and lows from the past week. 


  • Spring is on the way- my long car journeys have been through lots of countryside this week and there is blossom everywhere. I did a couple of therapy sessions in the garden with clients (wearing coats!) but the sun and the garden just coming into bloom did wonders for both clients’ performance! 
  • I had a brilliant joint session with a rep from Toby Churchill- we looked at a Tobii I-12 which looks like it will be just the right product for my client. He will be accessing it via a switch, and using auditory scanning due to visual problems.  Once the product is purchased I will need to plan a programme to help him build up his communication skills using the system. This takes a lot of thought and is completely individual to each client. 
  • One of my clients who was practically non verbal when I started with her described the picture below as ‘The architrave on the pillar is beautiful’ which was a pretty special moment for both of us


  • My biggest low has to be putting the wrong postcode into my sat nav when going to assess a new client- one wrong number and I ended up an hour late and super stressed. Will be double checking from now on!
  • The loss of Terry Pratchett came at the same time as one of my clients with dementia was going through a turbulent time- just brings it home what a difficult disease it is. 

That’s it for now! The nicest thing this week is that my husband is back from travelling, having been away almost every night for the past two weeks. Did a big Netflix marathon last night and have done a weekly shop today without two children in tow as they wanted to stay at home with him! Happy weekend. 

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