Coffee break- book review- Elizabeth is missing by Emma Healey

I finished this book a few weeks ago, and it was a really good read. Fairly short, so only took a few late night reading sessions on my kindle. It’s written through the eyes of a woman with dementia as she tries to desperately hang onto clues to solve a mystery of something that is greatly bothering her.

It moves from present day where the narrative is blurry and confusing, to the past which is crisp and clear. Although written by someone imagining what having dementia is like, rather than someone going through the experience themselves (which sadly would be a truly difficult novel to write), it really does help build an awareness of the disease. As the novel is written in the first person, you see the character of the person with dementia truly as a person first.  A very likeable, interesting person with a brilliant sense of humour. That can only be a good thing. I’ve been in too many situations where the elderly person with dementia is babied, talked down to, seen as a nuisance…. Years fly by and god forbid it is us in that situation where society seems to think we have nothing left to give.

I’m seeing this book everywhere, on the train, on the tables of my friend’s houses, tucked into peopes bags- I think the hype is worth it. What do you think? Have you read it?

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